David Perlmutter (CEO, Founder)

David graduated from Brown University in 1984 with a B.A. in Economics and Comparative Literature. He has a successful career in commercial real estate as developer, owner and broker. David has always had an interest in photography, technology, media and cooking. In honor of his mom`s 80th birthday in 2012, he started the website, www.jellycookies.com to create a digital home for all of the recipes she had perfected and shared over the years. Recifoto was born as a result of the confluence of several ideas: the world is more mobile and app centered than ever; phones on cameras and tablets are really good now; and, it`s much easier to save and share a recipe using your mobile device than to enter ingredients and directions into a web portal. David hopes that Recifoto will be a gateway for people all over the world to share the recipes that they love.

Lao Hu (Chief Technology Officer)

Lao Hu is a graduate of the School of Information Science and Technology at Tsinghua University. He began his career at China Mobile International Limited. While there, Lao worked as a freelance software and mobile app developer during his spare time. Noting the explosive growth in mobile app development, he made this his career, working with clients in the United States, Canada and throughout Europe.

In addition to his development and programming skills, Lao also contributes ideas and creativity to his projects based on his seven years of experience. Lao has been working with David on the development of Recifoto from the start, anticipating and overcoming all technical hurdles to make the user experience as intuitive, fun and bug free as possible.